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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Sunset Flowers... and way too many photos

I set up my photo studio to take these shots with a new background and some different lighting and as you'll see, I got carried away with these photos.

I am using a sunset windlight setting by Trinetty Skytower.   You can find the downloads for the settings here for now. I don't know how long they will be there so go go go.

Anyway so, this outfit starts with some great new releases by Adorsy and by Phoenix in particular. After seeing the beautiful "Aimy" by Phoenix (see previous post) I was very interested in other offerings by Phoenix. I found this lovely Brooke style at Fameshed in the new June round.

It's a partial braided style with loose ponies at the ends and cute tendrils around the face.

I think it goes really well with this cute outfit by Adorsy which I found over at the Cosmopolitan room.  Ever since I discovered Adorsy fashion, I've really liked what I've seen and this is no exception.

Their recent releases have included a great new hud which allows you to add symbols and letters to specific areas of the clothing and even tint those letters to your desires. If you look closely at the above pic (you can click it to enlarge it) you'll see that I've added some fun letters and symbols to the sides of my shorts.

Both top and shorts feature metal changes by hud.  I'm wearing a recent release by Reign on my feet, the really top notch strappy Camdyn heels which were at a previous round of Collabor88.

I did want to mention also, the roses in my hair do not come with the hair. They are from an old hair by Truth, repositioned and tinted to match the outfit.

I matched it up with some flashy jewels by Cae (I love her Jewelry, I have several sets) this one is called Karima and since I bought the set, I got necklace, earrings and bracelets too.  I believe this set was in the Saturday Sale recently. Always watch your sales babes.<3

In this shot you can see some of the details of this jewelry set along with my gorgeous ears by Swallow.  I'm wearing the princess set and as you can see they are so pretty with lots of delicate themed piercings, a tattoo and more.

My nail polish is from Alaska Metro, the tropics/silver set. I went and got redelivery of several of her sets so I could get the updated huds.She now includes environment settings and such on her huds.

I'm still wearing the Scarlet head and Zahra skin by Laq. In these pics, I'm also wearing eye shadow by Izzie's, the Springtime shadows that were offered by the Lookbook event. It's really a pity, Izzie's was one of the few who provided omega appliers for their offers in that event and therefore one of the few that I purchased. These are so pretty though, softly shimmery and with a choice of dark liner or no liner.

Above you can see a full face look where I am also wearing glossy lipstick by Pink Fuel (The sparkle and shine set for Laq)

And the right face look because why not.  ;) 

I do want to mention, it's a common glitch to get a little bit of a flicker problem between the hair base and some types of mesh hair. It's not something either creator of base or hair did wrong. It's a known bug in sl itself. I did have to do some retouching on these photos where that happened. I also had a slight fit problem with the tendrils coming down on the left side of my face. (Your right) which is why I put some flowers there to cover. I think it gave the look an exotic flare. Maybe if she made the tendrils/bangs attachment as a separate unrigged thing? Just an idea.

All poses are by BellePoses (various sets) and the simple setting was created by me.

Here's your shopping list!

Body - Maitreya Lara 4.1 with included bento hands
Head - Scarlet by LaQ
Shape - Medison by Kouralee (modified heavily)
Skin - Zahra by LaQ
Eyes - Charm Eyes by Ikon in Nymph
Hair - Brook by Phoenix (currently at Fameshed)

Top - Rihanna top in Blue
Shorts - Rihanna shorts with straps in blue both by Adorsy (currently at the Cosmopolitan Room)
Shoes - Camdyn Laced up Heels by Reign

Kamiri jewery set by Cae, includes bracelets, earrings and necklace.
Hand jewelry and rings by Amala - Robyn and Madison respectively
Glamour Glitter by Cole's Corner .(particle glitter attachments)
Hair Roses from old "Rose" hair by Truth. not sure this is still available but he has dozens of great styles.

Eyeshadow - Springtime Shadows by Izzie's (omega applier)offered by Lookbook
 (website for lookbook here)
Lipstick - Sparkle and Shine by Pink Fuel for Laq
Hairbase by Izzie's in omega
Lashes by Laq (glam lashes 3)
Polish by AlaskaMetro - Tropics/Silver

As Always Thanks for reading and click over to my flickr to see really high detailed pics.

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Feeling Minnie - Mouse that is.

I shop, a lot. Like literally that's at least half of my sl time is just shopping. I had the opportunity yesterday to go shopping with friends and it was even more fun. I highly recommend it.

But I'm also not a snob about where I shop. One of the shops I *love* is Hilly Haalan. Hilly does both her own mesh as well as using full perm mesh from others to make really cute and attractive clothing at a super reasonable cost. SL fashion has become more and more monochrome (by which i mean all one color not necessarily gray black white) over the years and I like that Hilly also incorporates patterns into her textures.

So I put on this super cute overall skirt outfit, which comes with this tube top to go under it. And as always with Hilly's clothes, you get tons of different texture options.

See how cute this is? And here's a pic of the texture hud.

As you can see you get several denim choices for the overalls and both solids and prints in the tube top. When I used the red and white polkadot one, I suddenly thought of a modern Minnie Mouse and the rest of my outfit is to suit that motif.

Next, let me talk about this super cute hair. It's called Aimy and the way its made makes me think of those curly perms I used to get back in the day. It's just soft pretty curls falling around my face and shoulders. This hair is by Phoenix and was their offering for Fameshed Go for May. As of right this moment, it's still there but I don't know how long that will be the case, so run run.

Just fyi, the lighter parts on my face are not part of the skin those are shadows from the trees that were near me at the time. I was messing with a sun dappled look. Here's also a no shadows version.

Lately, I've been having a lot of fun with Laq bento heads. This is my Scarlet head worn with the Zahra skiin and brows number 3.

I'm wearing lipstick and eyeshadow by Shiny Stuffs to brighten up the look.

My choker is by Maxi Gossamer currently at C88 for a few more days. :)

Minnie always wears high heeled pumps and stockings so I put on my trusty Basic Platform Stilettos and Ruffle Lace Thigh High Stockings both by Reign for Maitreya (other body fits included)

Here's a quick no shadows version detail of the great shoes and stockings. And yes that's a peek of my undies. I'm the kind of girl who likes her underwear. :)

I'm wearing rings and hand bracelets by Amala which you guys have probably seen a hundred times now since I wear them all the time.  Other bracelets I'm wearing are from Kibitz, and nail appliers by AlaskaMetro.

Last but not least, the bow I'm wearing is from Dirty Stories on mp. :)

All the details and slurls below:

Body - Maitreya Lara 4.0 with bento hands
Head - Laq Scarlet
Shape - Modified Medison shape by Kouralee Resident
Hair - Aimy hair by Phoenix for Fameshed Go
Eyes - System Ikon Charm eyes in Nymph

Skirt Overall with Tube top - Logan by Hilly Haalan
Platform Stiletto by Reign
Ruffle Lace thigh high stocking by Reign

Kayla bracelets by Kibitz 
Madison rings by Amala
Robyn hand bracelet by Amala
Choker - Lollapalooza Gypsy choker by Maxi Gossamer For C88 (hurry it closes on june sixth)
Diamond leg band by Empire (i forgot to take these off and you can't really see them but these are awesome, they were a gacha item so look on mp for them)

Zahra skin applier by Laq
Boho Beauty for Laq by Shiny Stuffs (eyeshadow)
Poppy Doll for Laq by Shiny Stuffs (lipstick)
Classics Silver by AlaksaMetro (nail polish)

My pictures were taken on the Lately sim using windlight settings from Kirsten Corleone. My poses are from Imeka, Lookbook 2 and I used the included hud to pose on location. The cute little heart particles are from an attachment called Love Potion by Cole's Corner. You get three styles, white, black, or red in the package.

As always thanks for reading and click the pics for a larger view or head on over to my flickr.

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Friday, May 18, 2018

It's Always Sunny - Somewhere

Today I'm going to start my post by talking about my new head. I decided to try some LaQ heads recently because I think the concept of one hud to rule them all really is a simple and smart idea.

Instead of paying for a hud every time you want to buy a new head, you simply buy the hud once and it works with any head that you have by LaQ. You also can buy all skin tones of the skin created for that head, at one tiny price. Also for now anyway, body appliers are super cheap.

Here's me in my new Scarlet head from Laq and matching Scarlet skin. I'm wearing almost the shape I had been wearing before with a few tweaks mainly to length the face and to give a bit more chin/jaw.

Also, get this you can wear system eyes with this head. (Well I guess you can with any of them but it's a default with this head.) Wear your own eyes, system or mesh as you please. (It comes with some default eyes as well.) I'm wearing cosmetics for LaQ by Shiny Stuffs and Stix with an omega hair base from Izzie's. The head comes ready for omega appliers, no need to add anything to get omega appliers to work. This hair is by Monso and I'm wearing eyes by Ikon.

These a-ma-zing ears are by Swallow, the Princess ears, currently out at Kustom9.

Here's a detail so you can see how pretty they are, you can input rgb on these ears or use the existing tones plus tinting to get the perfect match. Several gemstone, metal and pearl options plus lots of these cute tattoos come included.

Moving on, I'm wearing the absolutely beautiful Camdyn Romper by Reign @ Collabor88 with the matching Camdyn Heels also at C88. I felt I wanted a little more coverage so I'm wearing a lingerie applier by Sn@tch.  The romper comes in either solids or prints and I chose prints. There's a bundle of prints available in the included hud and the crochet lace trim can be traded for solid trims if you so desire.

The sandals come with lots of color changes on various parts of the shoe as usual with Reign ♥

Here's a nice dtail of what these shoes look like. I just love thebows in the back.

I want to show you the back of this in a minute but before I do I also want to talk about the beautiful jewelry I'm wearing from Earthstones at Liaison Collaborative. Which I just realized I didn't take any good photos of, ugh It's an art deco sort of style of dainty necklace and earrings. I bought the fatpack of both necklace and earrings.

What I didn't realize when I bought them was that the necklace also has a beautiful back drop as well.

I had to put on different hair so it wouldn't be covered up, but look how pretty that is. Also notice the nice detailing on the back of the romper as well. It's just lovely. This hair is by Wasabi Pills.

I went really minimal with this outfit, I don't have any other jewelry on as I usually do. Oh there, you can sort of glimpse the front of the necklace. I am wearing nail appliers by The Plastik, and that's pretty much it.

I'm using a variety of poses, I believe some are by Foxcity and some are by Belleposes. The photo booth is by Foxcity and is called Blank Minds. I used windlight settings by Strawberry Singh, Mostly the Light up my SLife and Close ups ones.

Recap for those tl;dr people :)


Body: Maitreya Lara 4.1 with included Bento hands.
Head: LaQ - Scarlet Head with Scarlet skin appliers
Shape: Kouralee - Medison (much modified)
Hair: Monso - Minnie currently available @ C88 until around Jun 6.
Ears: Princess ears by Swallow @ Kustom9 
 (Side note, although I could find many references for when K9 opens, I couldn't find anything on when it closes but I assume it's the end of the month.)

Camdyn Kimono Romper by Reign @ C88
Camdyn Laced Heels by Reign @C88
Camisole Applier by AVB - Dainty Baby set

Earthstones - Lalique necklace @ Liaison Collaborative until May 26

Cosmetics & Other Appliers

Stix - Smidge Lashes for Laq available at Laq commerce
Shiny Stuffs - Boho Beauty - Eyeshadow for Laq also available above
Shiny Stuffs - DewDrop  - Lipstick for Laq  as above
Izzie's - Hairbase Omega

That's all this time :)💋 Stella

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Everybody got time for Blueberry!

I'm a Blueberry girl and have been since way back when she first started making clothes for Maitreya. I've swapped avatars a few times since then so I'm having to fill in some of her older styles in my wardrobe.

Every so often, Blueberry has a sale bless her, and you can pick up older styles for half off! Recently I grabbed these hoodie dresses which, come to think of it aren't even that old. But I love these dresses at any rate. The corset detail and the way the side of the skirt is made are just wonderful.

The dress is called "Liza" and comes with a version with the hoodie up, or a version with the hoodie down. For each single color of cdress you can change the color of the corset and strings, the metals and the panties (and whether panties are worn or not) With mutli color versions, you can change the dress too ;) Foxy made hair to go with this dress in either up or down hoodie versions but I'm wearing a new hair by Doux instead.

I say new, I believe it came out a couple of weeks ago for the Kinky event. It's called Lia and has this pulled back top knot kind of look with lots of lush waves and curls falling around your face, shoulders and back. Really beautiful.

The skin I'm wearing today is from April's Catwa PowderPack. It's Essences Selena in M01. I still love powderpack and think it's a great value. You usually get at least two full skin sets including body appliers plus tons of makeup and other appliers. This skin is very beautiful in my opinion with lovely lush brows.

I'm also wearing makeup from the April Catwa Powderpack. My eye makeup is from Arise and my lipstick is from Colivati. I did blend out the lipstick a little bit since it seemed a little dark for my tastes. I just used the sliders on my Catwa hud for that. My eye applier is from Powder Pack as well, from the items offered by Euphoric. I'm a huge fan of her eyes and I think these are very beautiful. I'll show a close up below of my face before the end of the post.

I'm a bit mad at myself because somehow I managed not to get a really good look at these shoes/boots and they definitely deserve a good look. These are Essenz' offering for Fameshed this month. (And you don't want to miss Fameshed for May because it's a birthday round and that means free gifts! Just join the Fameshed group for free and happy gift getting.)

Anyway, these are called Maracaibo and feature a platform and stacked thickish heel with criss cross ribbons up the calf and a pretty bow tied off to the side. I love them!

My jewelry today is all stuff I've had before but still love a lot except for my thigh chains.

My hoop earrings are called Hyper Hoops from Indulge Temptation, aka IT!. Sometimes you just want a simple pair of hoop earrings to wear and since I was wearing kind of big hair these worked well.

My necklace, rings and hand bracelets are all by Amala.
Necklace - Genevieve
Rings - Madison
Hand Bracelet - Robyn.
They all come with texture changes of metals and gemstones.

My thigh chains were made by Pervette and are called Exotic. No metal changes but they do include gem changes. (You can buy these in gold, silver and I believe also black.)

I'm using a nail applicator by Alme called Simplicity.

My poses are by BellePoses and FoxCity. My beautiful backdrop is also by Foxcity called ShowTime Darks. It comes with a hud to change the curtains to a choice of four different great colors.

And that's the lot. Mwah. Thanks for reading. Oh, here goes that close up I mentioned.

Look at those eyes. Aren't they beautiful? By Euphoric in April's Powder Pack for Catwa.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Little Boudoir Time

Hey, anyone reading this and thank you if you are. Sorry I haven't been around, a trip to Florida and a strong right turn in my real life made it hard to get on SL and also to get motivation to blog. But here I am.

Today's post, however is brought to you more by my friend Lovely than by me. She wanted some Boudoir style pics and got dressed and I did my best to make her look great. As always click the pic for a larger view or go on over to my flickr for really ginormous versions.

I really can't stress enough how windlight settings and advanced lighting are your friends as far as
snapshot quality. I did very minimal editing in most of these shots because I was very happy with them as is. Lovely liked them too.These two shots were using JaxBlackNite wl settings. I built my own backdrop, just an offblack photo background on a half box. Get his settings here. I

I believe these two poses are from the Saucy set by Infiniti.

So, here are the details for you as dictated by her.

Body - Maitreya Lara 4.1
Head - Catwa Lona 3.0
Shape - Lucia by Lilo's Fit for Lona head - adjusted. (Stella's note, this shape place does *not* usually provide demos so please be careful buying.)
Hair - Jemmie by Doe in Blondes. This was a gacha hair.
Skin - Minji by Pink Fuel in Biscuit
Eyeshadow - Dreamgirl Shadows in Earth Bound by Adored
Lipstick - Sparkle and Shine by Pink Fuel
Lash appliers -  Dramatic Lashes - Bossie
Nails - Empire Stilletto Nails Medium
Nail Polish - AlaskaMetro - Classic Shimmer
Eye Appliers by AviGlam - Prestige Eyes in Lavender

See more below.

Here's a better look at this beautiful skin and cosmetics etc. I used a warmer windlight setting but unfortunately I don't totally remember which one it was. I believe it was another Jax setting but can't be positive. Incidentally this head/face pose is by Body Language from the UrBeautiful Fatpack.

Choker - Kylie Choker Thick by Amala
Earrings - Abigail earings by Amala
Bracelet & Rings - Carina by Real Evil Industries
Anklets - Aurora by Avaway
Ears - Eura Ears by Random Matter

The little diamond heart on her nail is a group gift from Zoz. It was intended to be used with Zoz nails but it works great with these as well.

Last but not least is this absolutely beautiful lingerie set by MoonAmore called Serenata. Lovely had on a cute garter that went with it but we found with some of the poses it just didn't work that well. In addition I had to do some editing on her left bra strap because it kind of went screwy. Gotta love sl. This pose is by Foxcity, Showtime 1.

Lingerie - Serenata by MoonAmore
Shoes - Cassie Pumps by Gos Boutique
Foot Tattoo - Fiore Elegante by Defiant Pixels

And that's the lot. Thanks for reading ;) Mwah.
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Monday, February 26, 2018

Sad but Pretty

I've been feeling sad this last week or so... ever since my break up... well that's how it goes sometimes. But I still look pretty. :)

Uber has opened with a new round and the theme is the 60's. I wasn't sure how much I could get into the theme at first but I found quite a few things that were to my taste after all. I'm mixing in some other finds here for this look, so see what you think.

Let's start off with this great dress by Dirty Princess which is available at Uber right now. The metallic decorations are texture change with several color choices to choose from. Of course I went for the pink :) Lots of other base colors there at Uber as well, I just went with my friend black.

It's a lovely dress with a pretty skirt that flares around your hips, long sleeves and this wide deep v neckline. RAWR. Mod Squad Princess is the name of the dress and you can snatch up your choice of colors or a fatpack.  I believe this is a maitreya only item but please do check for yourself.

I'm also wearing the Lamb hair which is at Uber right now. It's called Potion and I purchased the dark browns but there's a choice of color sets or a fatpack available and the hair also comes with a styler hud. See how pretty it is!

For a change of pace from all that's mod and fabulous, I am wearing these shoes currently being sold at N21. These are the Valerie Pumps and they come with two pair of socks, in white or black. But I found that if I edited them from my inventory my white socks were tintable so I made them pink to match the pink metal on my dress. How great is that?! By Fri.Day, these are great little pumps and wearable with all kinds of looks.

I found a new skin @ Uber and I really want to talk about this because the designer was super nice to me. This is the Kiki skin for Catwa heads in the Peach tone by Insol. There are two skins out at Uber and both of them are beautiful,I just liked this one more. When I went to the main shop to pick up skin appliers, I found that they are FREE. No extra purchase for the body. I was so happy about that!

However, I did find that the skin didn't have a cleavage version... and I'm sure you're wondering, well then Stella how come you have such bodacious cleavage. I'll tell you friendly reader!

I contacted the creator and said I loved the skin but was a little sad there was no cleavage as sometimes you like to be a bit fuller.To my surprise and pleasure she was very kind about my comment and said she was working on the body. She asked me what tone and body I had and in just a little while, she passed me a body applier for my tone and body with this lovely cleavage. That was so nice!

My jewelry and such is some I've blogged before or at least in part.

My earrings and necklace set is by AvaWay and I have a little story about this too. The earrings and necklace set are sold separately but they match, called Carrie. They both have metal changes but the necklace also comes with gemstone color changes as well.

Now the story is this, the necklaces come in the pack either rigged for maitreya or just regular, but they come individually, i.e. to get the three necklace effect you have to wear each one, adding rather than wearing. But that was taking up a lot of attachment slots so I contacted the maker asking if there was any way to get a linked version. She said yes and a little while later, she passed me the linked version which I am wearing here. I am so grateful she was willing to go the extra mile for me.

For my other jewelry, I am wearing rings and hand bracelets by Amala. These both come with metal and pearl or gemstone changes. I also have bracelets on by Ava-Way and IT! I am also wearing the Shiny ears by Swallow. My rings are the Madison rings currently available @ Kustom9, and my hand bracelets are called Robyn.

I am wearing an attachment that makes glitter appear around my body by Avenge. It's made for Maitreya and I just bought the silver version though there are many others available as well.

Other appliers: My eyeshadow is from the Dreamgirl Pastel Perfection set from Adored. These were put out for a Saturday Sale and I couldn't find them in store later. You might want to ask the owner about it. My lipstick is also from Adored, the vinyl gloss lips bare edition. I think I got the lipstick at the Rewind2k event. My eyes are from Euphoric, part of the Azelea fatpack and lashes are from Adored, the Bombshell lashes. My hairbase is the one I always wear, Basic03 from Just Magnetized.  Please note, euphoric has a main shop on Galliano (still being set up) and a satellite on the same sim as The Cosmopolitan. They are also on mp.

My backdrop is one from an Epiphany gacha back in October by Minimal. This is Vibe -3 and it really sort of suited my mood. A lonely street corner getting sodas and leaning on the rickety balcony. My poses are all from Belleposes, the Amy set.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out my flickr for bigger sizes and more pics. :)
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lavender Mood

I realized today that finding someone I care for is so scary... I find it hard to stay because what if that person leaves me, breaks my heart all that stuff. I feel so scared, and a bit sad that I'm like this.

Anyways, it was a lavender mood today.  Please note you can see bigger versions of my pics on my flickr.

I don't know really where to begin with this, I guess with these fantastic jeans. They are from Blueberry, the new Sammy jeans. I fatpacked them, of course, and got these special angel wings on the butt versions. And look at that booty man. I love the shape of the waist and the patched knees. You get belt and button color change with these as well.

I'm wearing the Zuzu shirt with my jeans, these are also by Blueberry and I bought the plaids pack. So much in sl is solid color, so I really like when I can get patterns, stripes, plaids and so on. The lavender in the shirt and on the belt matches very well.

I'm wearing Pink Hustler's new hair called PH8203 which comes with this wonderful messenger cap attached and the cute braid details. It comes with color changes for the rubber bands and for the cap as well as the dye hud for colors of the hair. This hair is currently available at REWIND and can I just say if you remember the year 2000 well, you should go cause so much cute stuff there!.My only complaint with this hair is that I do wish there were more brown tones, I usually wear a sort of mid tone brown and I wasn't completely happy with the one I chose from the hud.

My shoes, which you can't see that well in my pics is from Empire, these are the Coneflower. You know, I'm a huge fan of Empire shoes but I do wish her hud wasn't so darn tiny. It's no mod and doesn't have a resize script either so it's very hard to tell the colors on those tiny patches. I had to just click around until I found a purple that semi matched everything else. It'd be nice to be able to see the hud better, and also if she could standardize her colors? Like her older shoes have so many less colors than the newer ones? Just my thought but even with these complaints, her shoes are great and also great prices!.

Here's an upclose pic of the shoes so you can see for yourself.

All of her shoes come as fatpacks with metal, sole and main color changes plus some other choices for different styles. I really like the texturing on these, especially across the toes.

I wear a lot of jewelry in sl, which is kind of funny cause in real life I almost don't wear any. But, I love it in sl.

So: From Amala I am wearing the Genevieve Necklace set. It's got five necklaces in one, everything from a pretty choker style to varying lengths of other ones including one that says homegirl and another with a nice shiny square gem. The fatpack set includes metal changes, diamond accent choices and birth stone choices for the longest necklace.

I'm also wearing the Robyn Hand Bracelet and the Jacqueline Stacking Rings set from Amala. I love their jewelry and all of it comes with similar gem and metal choices as above.

I'm also wearing the Venus bracelet set from Real Evil. It too comes with metal changes, leather choices and pearl choices. I've also found that some parts of this bracelet tint quite well as it is modify, so I can make it match almost anything I wear. <3

My leather choker is also from Real Evil, it's the Simone collar/choker and does have RLV. Leather changes, metal changes and gemstone changes are included on the hud.

My head is LONA by Catwa on a shape by Kouralee, highly modified by me. I'm wearing the Deetalez - Maxille2 skin on it. Love this skin. My body is the Maitreya body Lara.

Appliers include Dreamgirl Pastel shadows by Adored, Y2k lipsticks and gloss by Bossie (both at Rewind), eye appliers and lashes by Euphoric, my tattoo is the Precious tattoo by Redfish (I have a number of her work, lovely)

Please click here to see my flickr stream and these shots in larger size so you can see the details.Or you can also click the pics for a bigger view, didn't realize that til now!

My poses are by BellePoses, FoxCity and an old one from Diesel Works. (i couldn't find them in world any more)

Tune for the day: Chasing  Pavements by Adele.

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